“I’m not bloody Einstein” I muttered under my breath when the idea of a zone of genius first came into my life. I had NO idea what the coach was talking about, why I couldn’t just bumble on as I was and why I’d choose to waste time brainstorming (I definitely used to have a massive aversion to brainstorming)!

I didn’t understand what this little nugget of gold could bring into my life. It’s a term that you may have heard bandied about before perhaps, but not really understood how it applies to you – and to all of your business plans.


A zone of genius is, well, genius!

There’s a heap of different ways to go about looking at this. For me, my zone of genius is where I’m in the flow. Where I could rabbit on passionately forever about a topic, and where it was super clear to other people that I’m hugely into this. It’s the place where I genuinely love learning even more about a topic and sharing that learning with anyone who feigns the slightest interest!! A zone of genius fuses what you’re good at, with what you love and are passionate about. My zone lies in helping women gain confidence and clarity in their business, then exploding into their full potential, creating a completely new life for themselves!


happy woman, business mum



So how do I find my zone?

One way that many trainers start to look at your zone of genius is by using a classification like this.


Zone of Genius, Busy Business Mum


Now, I can’t say that I’m totally sold on this! It has a shed load of negative stuff – that a) I don’t care to think about, and b) I’m sure I could be good it if I had the time/energy/interest/inclination. But I honestly don’t give a shit about learning mechanics, or trigonometry. I’m totally happy to be incompetent at them.

I use a bit of a different method. I usually work with clients to discuss what they’re good at AND what they love to do. Nowadays people can actually sell ANYTHING. Which means, that marketed in the right way, to the right niche you can have a successful business doing what you love, if you’re good at it.

To start having a look into your zone of genius I’ve created you a download here. We start discussing things such as:

✔️When do you feel most alive and energised?  What are you doing? What are you thinking?  What are you feeling? How are you doing this thing?

✔️When are the fist pump moments where you feel at your finest?  What are you doing and experiencing in these moments?

✔️When you join a work or social group, what have you just brought to the party that wasn’t there before? What would your friends say that you’re good at?

✔️Do you recognise when you’re in the flow? Do you know how to maximise this?


Spend some time working out your zone

It’s time well spent I promise you. It gives you a great starting point for creating a sustainable business, that makes you happy and fulfilled.


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius


Now, while that quote is utter bollocks (you’ll never work harder than as a business owning parent) it is a completely different type of work! It’s work I want to do and it makes me feel alive and positively challenged. I know that the more I give, the more I’ll get. There really is a joy in knowing that you are in complete charge of creating your own future!

So, what’s your zone of genius? Pop on over to the FB page or or Instagram and share with us. We love to hear from you!


Roxy ♀️❣️


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