Want to work with me?

It’s heaps of fun!

Coaching – but not as you’ve known it before……

Are you stuck? Overwhelmed? Getting in your own way? If you’re lacking clarity on how to move forward I can help.

Do you have anxiety or self-doubt? Do you struggle with your confidence – or let your inner bitch drag you down? Are you stressed or having real panic attacks that are affecting your life and your business? I’m your girl!

As females in business, we tend to have a lot going on. And as a mum life is crazy and hectic. As women, we tend to feel things more deeply than our blokes, and we also tend to attempt far more multi-tasking, which often leads to us feeling like we don’t have time to breathe.

I use the term coaching but I offer you SO MUCH MORE than that. Whether you choose to become a VIP client or enrol in any of my courses you can expect:

  • To be treated like the unique woman that you are – there’s no one size fits all here. I’ll be working directly with YOU, around your family, work and life commitments, on exactly what you want to work on.
  • To be listened to, without judgement and to have space to explore your thoughts and any issues.
  • To have access to a huge range of strategies to help with your mindset and mental state.
  • To receive practical support on real business issues ranging from website questions, branding, copy, marketing – anything that you are struggling with. If it’s not my area I have a heap of contacts we can call on!
  • Contact between sessions. You’re welcome to contact me in between our set sessions – and I’ll respond directly within a reasonable period.

AND there are loads of different areas we can work on. You are in complete control and can pick and choose based on what you actually need. Have a nosy below for some ideas – or if you already know what you need feel free to jump straight in and contact me!