Ask for advice anywhere on building a website and you are guaranteed to hear people talking about WordPress. It’s undoubtedly one of the most used platforms in the world to build your site on. So, what are the advantages of WordPress for a small business and why do I use it? Here I’m talking about which is a hosted site, rather than the online blogging platform


Top 10 reasons to pick WordPress


It’s free

WordPress is totally free to use. You’ll need to pay for hosting and your domain name and I can totally recommend Siteground* for these, but WordPress itself is free.


You can update your site anywhere

You aren’t tied to your computer for set up and maintenance and can update, change and maintain your site from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Its web design is responsive

Depending what theme you choose (I sometimes need to change my header images) the build is completely responsive, so your site still looks as brilliant on mobile and tablet as it does on your desktop and laptop.


WordPress dashboard



It’s SEO ready

WordPress is already optimised for search engines with constant, simple code. You can edit each page individually to change the SEO so that you can choose which pages you’d like to rank higher. Google definitely likes WordPress sites!


Updates are a breeze

Search engines love fresh content. Changing and updating your site is ridiculously easy! You can theme it for the seasons, blogs can be posted in minutes, and there are no complicated steps to go through. The ability to easily update your own content gives you full control, and refreshing it regularly builds your know/like/trust factor and your credibility in your business.


You can move to and from designing it yourself, to asking for help

As WordPress is open source, it is one of the easiest platforms to get ANY designer to help you with. That means that if I set it up for you, years later you can totally get someone else to step in and make any amendments that you were struggling with. It’s within your control – you just set up new users and it can be accessed by them from anywhere!


There’s a plugin for everything

WordPress has an amazingly comprehensive plugin library, ranging from plugins that compress images to make your site faster, to social media sharing tools. From spam protection, to mailing list integrations. You literally download them, activate them and carry on. And they’re almost all free.


WordPress plugins



Social media integration is a cinch

You can link your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ – in fact, all of your social media to your site. This means that you can let all of your networks know straight away when you have new content for them if you choose to. You can set it to auto-post or not and you can get a ton of social media plugins to make sure the images are the right size for each network if you so wish.


It’s pretty secure

Your host can provide you with an SSL certificate (sometimes at a cost depending who you use), and there are plenty of security and spam plugins available.


It has continuous support and updates

The WordPress community is pretty awesome. You can zip over to their site and find answers to almost anything – and if you can’t find it you can ask in a forum. The forums are brilliant and full of friendly, helpful people.


So, if you’ve made your mind up and have decided you’d like to get started with WordPress then feel free to get in touch. I can help and advise, or I can set you up a basic site that you have full control over and then dip out, after making sure you know exactly how to use it! I use Divi theme (which is literally drag and drop!) and Siteground hosting for any site that I set up from scratch. I can work with your own host if you’re already set up or want to transfer a site over!


Roxy ♀️❣️


*if you purchase a Siteground subscription from my link I may receive an affiliate commission, however, I may be able to save you money on the subscription by choosing a hosting package with me.

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