Did I say I was a geek?

& that I also love cake and prosecco……!


Tech teaching is one of my very favourite things!!

Websites, Social Media, Meme Creation, Newsletters, Content Creation, Analytics, Blogging…….

I love it all!! (Also, I know it’s far more professional to work at a desk – but who wouldn’t rather re-watch Game of Thrones while updating their website?!!)

Love it or hate it?

Tech is now an essential part of modern business.

Do you know how to make the most of it?



Are you in love with your website?

Do you update it and have full control over how it all works?

Do you know what plug-ins are useful and how to optimise your SEO?

This is one of my favourite areas of geekiness!

I can build you a WordPress website & also sort out your domain and hosting if you like! A 5-page site is £575 (£460 for Ladies Life Lounge Members) (plus hosting & domain if required – usually £10 per month). I will teach YOU how to use it and how to be in complete control of it so that you know how to update and how to make changes yourself. I really, really advocate all businesses having a site. It shows professionalism, promotes trust and helps you be found more easily. My absolute goal is to make it affordable and easy for busy business mums like us – which means that there are even payment plans of up to 10 months available!

Social Media


Do you use social media in your business?

Are you consistent and relevant with your posts?

Do you know how to schedule in advance so you don’t have to live on there?

This was my biggest time drain when I first got started.

I can help you sort out your social media. We can look at the most relevant platforms for your business and what is getting good engagement. I can walk you through different scheduling options, optimum posting timetables, as well as making sure that you understand the energy that needs to be on there to attract your crowd. If you’re brand new, we’ll sort out claiming your handles and linking them to your website so you can go out and promote your awesome business.

Content Creation & Design


Do you make branded memes for your business?

Are you supplying what your audience wants to see and hear?

Are you re-using all of your content in different formats?

I absolutely adore the procrastination of meme creation on Canva 😂

This is a biggie. Creating shareable, relevant content is the lifeblood of the tech side of your business. This is how you build your know/like/trust factor online, and gives you the most amazing opportunity to connect with your audience. We’ll look at the types of memes your audience likes, the information that they want and need, and the best ways to deliver that to them. I’ll show you how to create free downloadables, shareable videos, web banners – whatever you need!

Blogging & Newsletters


Do you post blogs regularly?

Are you super speedy with your newsletter?

Do you know how to create templates and find images easily?

And don’t even get me started on alt tags, featured images and meta descriptions.

Blogging and newsletters are easy peasy if you can create some good templates and you know what on earth you’re going to write about. We can brainstorm and mind map your areas of expertise and come up with an easy to implement strategy. We can nail these on a monthly basis so you never have to panic about what you’re sending out into the ether. We can look at how we grow your email list and I can show you how to work with a marketing automation platform, such as Mailchimp or Infusionsoft.

To see how we can work together on your tech, or to request a website build, drop me a line below or Facebook me!

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