Are you ready to take the next step?

Have you been looking for someone on your level to help you leap forwards?


Ta-dah – here I am!!

If you’re super serious about putting in some work, having lots of fun and getting clear on what you should be doing, why and when then you’re in the right place. I’m known for being honest, challenging, chirpy and positive. I will help you pick your business up and resettle it at the top of the mountain that you feel like you’re climbing. Plus it’s SO much more enjoyable when you’re not alone!

If you wanna be in my gang and join heaps of other successful women just like you, then my Super Successful Stiletto package is perfect. It’s completely designed and tailored around you specifically. Sure, I have things I want to cover and look at in your business and life but this is about YOU. Where you are now, and where you want to go. We’ll get clear and comfortable on setting targets and I’ll heave ho you up the hill – sometimes pushing, sometimes pulling, and sometimes holding your hand and walking next to you.

& I get it – investing in yourself and your business at any stage is scary. Why should you believe what I have to say? Well – you don’t! But the lovely ladies below wouldn’t lie to you……..

I made the decision a while ago that I wanted to set up my own wedding planning business and so enrolled on a planning and styling course and secured an internship. However, I didn’t know where to start when it came to setting up my own company (and found the idea terrifying), so that’s where Roxy came to the rescue with her business coaching.

After I saw Roxy I was so much more focused with a clear plan on how to move forward.  I feel more confident about how to price my services and have a ton of new and exciting ideas.

Roxy is extremely professional and very helpful – and a heap of fun to work with. I would definitely recommend her coaching to business owners needing advice – especially newbies like me!

Vikki James

Wedding Coordinator, Victoria James Weddings

Working with Roxy has been exactly what I needed. She has the ability to look into your business from the outside, see where your blocks are and work through them with you.

One of the things I know I needed help with was having the confidence to follow the path with my business that I knew I wanted to. She was there to call when I was veering off track and she’d firmly set me back on it.  She helps me to focus and has total faith in me, which definitely transfers onto me.

I’d definitely recommend working with Roxy. She will give you heaps of her time and energy and will expect for you to be able to invest yours too. If you do, you’ll undoubtedly take massive strides in your business – and life!

Victoria Lofthouse

Business Founder, No Drama Delegation

Roxy is a mindset master! She is fantastic at helping you to smash through fear and limiting beliefs. As an entrepreneur, taking a leap of faith is a regular, necessary occurrence & it would be so easy to give into your own internal doubt and fear as nothing is ever guaranteed in terms of the success or results you achieve. Roxy is amazing at getting to the root of the mindset issue or niggling doubt & helping you overcome your own internal objections and move forwards.

Roxy has two young boys, just as I do & I felt that really resonated with me as she understood my life and situation, & the struggles I sometimes face. She’ll work around you as much as possible & I haven’t got a seconds hesitation in recommending her.

Suzi Mosley-Payne

Entrepreneur, Business Consultant & Strategist, Step Into Your Success

Roxy has given me the tools to be a confident business owner and to handle my customers with maturity and sensibility. I was always very afraid of how to deal with customers but Roxy has helped me with this and I feel I am able to do this alone now. She has also introduced me to things that make my life so much easier such as using Excel for my tax managing and scheduling posts on social media keeping Facebook page active without me having to do anything!!

Roxy is just incredible! She absolutely loves this part of her job and she has soooooo many ideas for me. Roxy frequently texts me with ideas and pushes me to get things done, which is brilliant as I often lose motivation due to my anxiety.

Georgii Bailey

Owner and Dancer Extraordinaire, Georgii's Musical Theatre and Singing Company

It’s really important to me that you know that I’m normal! Well – kind of. I’m a sweary, excited, positive coach. We’ll moan about life and undoubtedly my kids. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. I’m with you – side by side the whole time. We’ll map and plan, create strategies and implement your ideas. I’ll show you the nitty gritty if I need to and I’ll draft in help if that’s what’s required.

If you’re ready to work with me then dive in and take the next step! You can choose whether to pay it all now – £390, or split it into three instalments of £130. I can’t WAIT to work with you!!

What’s involved?

This is a super deep, intensive, strategic look at your business (and life) overall.  YOU, and you alone, are completely in charge of what you’d like us to work on.

As a general overview there will be:

  • A comprehensive questionnaire before we talk so that we’re both totally clear on what issues we’re going to be delving into.
  • 5 x 60-minute video or phone calls (your choice!) These will take place every fortnight (obviously based around our family dramas)
  • A detailed plan emailed to you within 2 days following each call, laying out your next steps, with a summary and next steps plan at the end.
  • LOADS of my focus & attention. I only work with a few Stilettos at a time so you can have heaps of my time and energy.

You’ll also be able to email me between sessions and expect a timely response to any questions you might have. On top of this, I’ll give you access to download all my visualisation tracks (worth £60) and the option to grab my Move Your Mindset programme at half price if you choose (saving £75), which you get to keep for life.