I was producing some content for a free course I’m just running when I realised that I’d hit a huge, snotty, scary monster of a mindset issue for a lot of my lovely clients. This section of the course was focused on looking at your perfect client and finding out what they had in common amidst the billions of people out there. While doing this exercise, the thing that came up for my clients over and over again was their fear of missing out on a client, any client, by focusing solely on their ideal customer.

Let me tell you why it’s SO completely necessary (& not at all scary) to focus your efforts on your ideal client.


They make your life easy

Your perfect client “gets” you and your product or service. They don’t fuss or argue or quibble. They love what you do, respect you for doing it and are inspired by you. Your perfect client won’t push your boundaries and they understand your value. They won’t push for freebies, or extras or try to cheat you out of a swap or replacement. Working with them is easy.


They will self-select

Spray and pray marketing doesn’t work. Squirting your message out there, yelling it from the rooftops over your kid screaming isn’t effective. Think of a time when you saw a product or service being advertised and you self-selected. Where you thought “That’s me! They’re literally talking to me!” How much more likely are you to take a look at and buy a product or service that you believe fits you PERFECTLY. Yeah, a shit load more likely, which is why I hide all my spontaneous purchases of peel off face masks and hair removal tools and diary planners from my husband!


If you’re talking to everyone, you’re not talking to anyone

How differently do you talk when chatting with your father-in-law compared to with your friends over a glass of wine? Your kids’ teachers v your siblings? We tailor ourselves to different situations. Your marketing HAS to do the same. Your product or service may be suitable for ANYONE – but do you want to work with everyone? Who do you want to appeal to? Think how you’d talk to them in real life and use that for your advertising? You can do different versions if you need to, but niching down actually makes you more likely to be appealing!


Your content immediately becomes easy to write

You know this customers pain points. You know what they need and how to help them. Choosing your content topics becomes a cinch for your blogs, videos, newsletters and social media content. You know what they like to read and see. You can speak to them easily and generously and serve them well.


You get to focus on what you’re good at – and what you enjoy!

By focusing in one area you begin to become specialised. You get a reputation as the “go-to girl” and start becoming an expert. You get to learn more about your clients and tailor products even further. You get to focus on what you’re good at and get even better.


Your perfect customer will recommend and refer to you other ideal clients

If they love you, they know their friends will love you and will tell them about you. A happy-ish customer rarely does the same. You don’t often say “I went for an ok meal last night”, or “I stayed in an ok chalet on holiday”. You will, however, rave about the things that you love, which is one reason network marketing can be so successful. Busy business mums refer other busy business mums. Your clients or customers are the same.


Trust your gut with your perfect client


If the above makes sense then it’s your head that is putting the fear in there. The mind monkeys, the chimp on your shoulder, your own inner self-talk. Shut her up, focus on your perfect customer and continue to focus. It’s said that it takes four to six months for marketing to work effectively. Give yourself the time and space to grow.

If you want help working through your perfect customer then you can grab a copy of my Perfect Client workbook here, and if you have any questions pop on over to my Facebook or Instagram.


Roxy ♀️❣️


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