Ahhhhh consistency. My age-old enemy!! The arch nemesis of many entrepreneurs and a huge guilt-inducing word.

But what the hell does it even mean?

For a looooooooong time, I was stuck. And it turned out to be oh so simple as to why.


I was viewing consistency to mean frequency


I was letting this poor innocuous word force me into thinking I had to post multiple times a day to social media, to blog weekly, to get my articles written monthly, all while actually working with my one to one clients, building websites AND keeping my children alive and the house in an order that didn’t represent a tornado-ravaged zone.

This is absolutely not what this word means! A coach I thoroughly love pointed this out on her page and then a couple of days later I saw a leader from an MLM talking about the same thing. It was an entrepreneurial lightbulb.

I did a good old stocktake of my thoughts and beliefs around consistent behaviour and confirmed that I totally believed I had to be visible at all times, which meant I had to be running around like my kid on cake.


Slow and Steady isn’t a bad thing


Peace or panicked? Relaxed or rushed? Serene or stressed? I’ll pick the first of each, please!!

I realise I have to get clear. Consistent means setting reasonable actions to be visible as much as I feel would be helpful. When I have a lovely amount of one to one work, it often means I show up less. That makes sense, but then I can easily start frantically worrying what I’ll do when it comes to an end.

It’s crazy and completely back to front! So here are three things I’m implementing to test how they work for me.


Time allocation

I block off a certain amount of time to do a task. So for writing and publishing this blog I have an hour. That’s to edit it, do the SEO, find and brand and size the images etc. It’s not long which means I have to focus. I allocate one hour a week to write my Facebook posts and scheduling. I write others ad hoc, but then I’m not left in a panic about how and when I’ll post.



Loads of entrepreneurs really fight against the idea of having a routine, but I find it SO helpful. Blog on Wednesdays, newsletter Fridays, social scheduling Mondays etc. It’s easier to get my head into what needs doing if I know when I’m doing it.



Now, my gorgeous friend Hanna, over at Eclectica (best gift shop EVER), is my accountability partner. She would absolutely pull her hair out that I’m writing saying that I plan!!! But I do. Kind of 😂😂 So today I have four things on my list as I have 3 one to one clients. My list is brief – FB scheduling for the rest of Oct ❌ (not done yet), a video for Hanna on using her new website ✔️, Blog ❌but almost ✔️, and setting up and branding Mailchimp for a gorgeous client ❌ – but there is a plan there.

I am still completely working on finding the best way to plan, though one thing I do without fail is my MITs (read the blog – How to be Super Productive Every Day). When I nail it, I’ll be super-duper productive!

I also use a Social Strategy planner, to help me get clear on what I’m talking about on social media this month. You can grab mine for free here.


Are you consistent? Let me know what consistency looks like for you in the comments below, or over on my Facebook or Instagram.


Roxy ♀️❣️


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