I’ve recently worked with a few clients who are going through a tough time in their business and it’s literally made them question what the hell they are doing and why. It’s also made them ask whether they are really “cut-out” for working for themselves and whether they’ll ever make their business a success. I’ve been there! A long time ago now, but I’ve wondered why the fuck I didn’t just get a full-time job. To be fair, mostly when my kids are puking on me and I have to cancel clients, while my husband trots merrily off to work (because it’s a real job and he’s not actually ill so couldn’t possibly chuck a sickie!)

*Note – my husband is a darling man and has never, ever said I don’t have a real job. But he’s so “good” that he couldn’t lie to work and it’s actually just less stressful if I deal with it and let him crack on. But I definitely want to rip his eyeballs out at the time.*

I wanted to give you my thoughts on the whole giving up idea – though I can summarise quickly if you like! Don’t! You can make your business a success story. There’s a saying:


Never make a decision when you are upset, sad, jealous or in love.
Mario Teguh


This is so true. Our brain reacts on an emotional level BEFORE the logical side takes over. One day I’ll write you a proper blog as to how this works – but for now, believe me. So here are some things that I want you to think through whenever you feel the wobble.


What was your why?

Why did you decide to stick it to the man and launch your own business? What made you decide to step away from the safety and restraints of being employed. Why did you ditch the perks of sick pay and pension? Your why is the one thing – the ONLY thing – that you need to get you through and make your business a success. But a lot of days we forget our why, or our why isn’t there anymore. So maybe you started your business to pay for your children to go to a private nursery and to have the flexibility to be around for them. But then your kids have grown up….. and your why has gone.

Let me tell you – you need a why. Find your new one. Review it regularly. Does it fit? Does it drive you? Write it in your diary for the first of each month – then check in on it. Sit with it for a while until it feels right. Nail it down. Mine is stuck on my mirror with my goal card (I’ll blog about this too!) for the year so I read it EVERY morning.


Where are you stuck?

Do you feel like this poor little fish in the net? What’s your frustration? What exactly is it that’s made you think fuck this? Really get clear on what the issue is at the moment. Not the million issues that we could find if we dug deep enough – the one that needs addressing to move forwards. Are you stuck with something techy? Are you overwhelmed by the amount you need to do? Have you lost direction? Don’t know what to do next/first?  Are you letting perfectionism hold you back? Figure out the issue so that you can start looking at whether this issue can be resolved.


feeling trapped


Is this resolvable? Do you want to fix it?

If you have your why, and where you’re stuck then these two questions will be easy. Most business problems can be worked out. Business owners almost always cite money as a reason that they can’t move forward. Outsourcing, and/or hiring a good coach will pay for itself very quickly. Outsourcing frees your time up to focus on the money making activities, and a good coach will be able to look at your business in a clear, strategic manner and literally tell you how and where you can make more money.

So much of the time owners are actually standing in their own way and stopping their business from being a success! If you’re struggling with an aspect of your business and I say “I’ll give you £1000. What will you spend it on?” and you DON’T choose the thing that is holding you back, then that’s the perfect example of you getting in your own way. Invest money to grow your business. If Bill Gates and his lesser known partner Paul Allen (RIP you wonderful man!) had never taken their business ideas seriously and grown them then I might not be typing this on my Microsoft laptop right now. & I’m pretty positive that they didn’t try to be the best at every aspect of it themselves. They surrounded themselves with people who could help them, while they cracked on building computers and coding software – the stuff that only THEY could do to make their business a success!


Outsource before you’re ready & invest in a coach

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to outsource as soon as I could. Why on earth are you under the impression that you should do it all? Denise Duffield-Thomas (writer of Lucky Bitch and Get Rich Lucky Bitch) talked about this in something I was watching the other day. She said she doesn’t even see her emails – her team handles them all. She works in batches and creates all her videos for the year in January and then outsources their editing, scheduling and publishing. Look at what is essentially YOU – and what could be passed on. Then choose to allow yourself to pass it on!

And don’t be afraid of saying “no actually. I don’t want to fix it”. If it’s a carefully considered decision then that’s totally cool – and totally right. Some things SHOULD be walked away from (like quinoa, shit boyfriends and looking at new planners on Amazon (when you have 23 but still haven’t found your soulmate!)) Not all businesses “should” be a success for so many different reasons – but all businesses could if you want them to


Take action

Don’t, don’t, don’t just read this, decide to take action and then don’t! That’s getting you nowhere. Take one action immediately. Find a course to watch to teach you what you don’t know, ask the questions over on my Facebook page or new group, comment below, or drop me an email to see if I can help or advise (I do read all of my own emails still!)

Even slow steps forward are steps forward. Everything can be fixed. It starts with a calm decision to change something and the determination to make your business a success.


Roxy ♀️❣️


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