Now, I’d love to say there’s a real theme to these blogs…. but there isn’t and I’d just be a barefaced liar!!!

I write to help, and I natter about things that interest me and that I think will interest you. I love guest bloggers and would invite anyone that would like to have a blog published to check out our Write for Us page here.

Zone of Genius

“I’m not bloody Einstein” I muttered under my breath when the idea of a zone of genius first came into my life. Now I get it!

How to Pick Your Battles

These days I find myself having to work really hard on letting things go. I realise that all of the stuff that was getting under my skin was only there because I was letting it be! So I resolved to change this.

How Busy Women Meditate

If you’re under the impression that you need an hour a day to spend on meditation then you’re definitely being misled! Find out how busy women meditate, quickly and easily.

How to Meditate

Following on from my blog, What Meditation Is – and What it Definitely Isn’t, I reveal exactly how to meditate in an easy way, to suit your lifestyle.

How to be Single and Happy

Speaking from experience, and like many women, I found life alone pretty daunting at first. Now I’m single and happy, and ready to share my top tips.

5 Tips to Beat Overwhelm

I have so many ideas, plans and intentions in my brain that I’m filled with overwhelm. If you’ve ever felt like this then you might know what happens next.

Done, not Perfect

Did we forget to share out our other ‘jobs’? Or did we decide we could still ‘manage’ and do it better? Why “done, not perfect” needs to be our new motto.

Sleep for Success

Do you while away hours in bed or feel like it’s a waste of your life?  Why do we need a good night’s sleep – and more importantly, how do you get one?

10 Secrets of Successful Women

Successful women.  Are you one?  Do you have a girl crush on someone you deem successful?  Today I want to share with you some of the secrets of these successful women, so you can copy and emulate them!

The Attitude of Gratitude

Have you got an attitude of gratitude? Long-term studies consistently support the powerful effect of gratitude, isn’t it about time you tried it?