Blast off your Business


Here we get down to the nitty gritty of your baby (the other one I mean!) This is the practical work that needs to be done to make you profitable and in control.

We can talk marketing and PR, finances and forecasts, social media and selling.

We can look at how you move from where you are to where you want to be and create a clear, achievable strategy plan for your goals.


3, 2, 1……….


So where are you at right now?


What are your goals, both short and long-term?

Are your finances figured out?

Is your social media strategy in place and scheduled?

Is your sales page working?

Are your funnels and opt-ins converting well?

Do you know what any of the above means? 🤣 (I hope you just belly laughed at that one!)



Let’s sort your shit out!

Let’s create some flow for you. Let’s get you confidently crawling, rather than treading water.

You can work with me in two main ways – exactly the same as if you’d clicked on the inspiration link. I have a one-off intensive where we look at the “stuff” that’s holding you back and we find solutions and more effective options – that often you can’t see because you’re too close to it. Or you can be a super spangly VIP client where you work with me for a few months. Whatever works best for you right now.

AND we will cover exactly what you need. There’s no pre-planning and definitely, no one-size fits all. Our uniqueness is what makes our businesses BANG. We’ll work around our busy family schedules, in our yoga pants (I obviously mean PJs), with a cuppa (I obviously mean wine) in hand and figure this stuff out. I’m all in if you are.

Pick your preference…..

Fast Action Flats

The Fast Action Flats package is a 60-minute stand-alone intensive coaching session. Whether we focus on your business or on making your life work for you is totally your call! It includes:

  • A questionnaire before we talk so that we’re both super clear on what you’d like to work on.
  • A 60-minute video or phone call (your choice!) which is practical and straight-talking – I’ll kick your ass and hold your hand!
  • A plan emailed to you within 2 days following our call, laying out your next steps.
  • A discount on the Super Successful Stilettos package at ANY point in the future if you decide you’d like to get more involved with me (not romantically – my hubby is far too good a cook for me to ditch him!)

The cost of this package is a one-off payment of only £97. I really want to unstick you. As an extra bonus, I’ll add in a follow-up email a fortnight after the session to make sure that you’re implementing the strategies and to allow you to ask me any questions that you may have thought of. 

Super Successful Stilettos

The Super Successful Stilettos package is the logical next step up and provides a far more in-depth look at your business and your life. It’s a two-month coaching package, which includes:

  • A comprehensive questionnaire before we talk so that we’re both totally clear on what issues we’re going to be delving into.
  • 4 x 60-minute video or phone calls (your choice!) These will take place every fortnight/3 weeks (obviously based around the Paw Patrol viewing schedule).
  • A detailed plan emailed to you within 2 days following each call, laying out your next steps, with a summary and next steps plan at the end.
  • LOADS of my focus & attention. I only work with a few Stilettos at a time so you can have heaps of my time and energy. I’ll be there for yoooooou! *Cue Friends theme tune*

The cost for this package is £390. This can be paid as a one off payment or over three payments of £130.  As an added bonus you’ll be able to email me between sessions and expect a timely response to any questions you might have.